Create the Perfect Necklace Layer

March 20th, 2022

diamond chain necklace

A fashion runway favorite is a perfectly layered necklace. Bring this trendy style into everyday life with a mix of exquisitely fashionable necklaces. Unsure how many and what types of necklaces will perfectly bring together your outfits? Our experts have put together a guide to how to layer like a pro. Read on for some tips along with a few of our easy-to-layer necklaces for this year.

jewelry pendant

Choose Your Focal Point

A favorite pendant can be accentuated by a myriad of accenting necklaces. Creating the center point that the other necklaces will build off of is arguably the best place to start.

Space Between

Different lengths of necklaces are the soul of the layering trend. It allows you to wear a favorite choker with a mid-length pendant and a long flowy chain with gemstone details. An inch to two inches between necklaces is recommended to create a dreamy cascade of necklaces.

Choose lengths appropriate for the neckline of whatever outfit you are accessorizing. It is important to feel comfortable, confident, and fabulous in your jewelry.

Colorful Layers

Vibrant gemstones included within the layered necklaces add intrigue, excitement, and style to the arrangement. Choose a hue to build your look off of with complementing tones or a monochromatic ensemble.

Gemstone necklaces come in such a variety that it is easy to find the ideal complementary colors. Mix and match textures, metals, and colors to create your own unique combinations.

Say No to Knots and Tangles

Necklaces should not only look lovely but they should also not get caught up in tangles. Knots in chains and pendants stuck with twists on the metal around them do not look good and can be frustrating. Carefully unclasp each necklace and dangle it to the side to allow any twists to sort themselves out.

Starting with daintier pieces first is a smart idea; adding thicker pieces second makes them less likely to intermingle with their more slender brethren. Wearing necklaces of different chains and materials does not tangle as easily as wearing multiple of the same type chain.

Versatile and Stunning

Certain necklaces are classics for their ability to enhance any outfit, and they make fantastic additions to a layered look. This includes pieces like the monogrammed pendant or diamond bar necklace. These necklaces are favorites by themselves but are great building blocks that will always compliment other pieces.

diamond necklace

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