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Emerald Cut Rings



Characteristics of Emerald Cut Rings

The emerald cut diamond is unique. It has a sharp rectangular shape with elongated sides, making it look like two mirrors reflecting each other’s light. Unlike other shapes, it is essential to use a high-quality diamond. This is because this cut displays a stone’s clarity more than other cuts. Emerald cut stones are frequently used in celebrities’ engagement rings for this reason, as they are a great way to show off an incredible stone. Only a small percentage of diamonds are cut this way – less than 4% – so every emerald cut ring is distinct.

Popular Collections of Emerald Cut Rings

At Kirk Jewelers, we have been purveyors of engagement rings for over 70 years. Our experience allows us to offer the incredible Kirk Bridal collection of bridal jewelry that includes stunning emerald cut rings. Featuring exquisite solitaire and prong side stone settings, our pieces are adept at showing off a radiant emerald cut diamond. MARS is one of the world’s most beloved designer brands. Based in Los Angeles, they create a myriad of incredible and innovative collections that suit every taste. Their diverse offerings of engagement rings have an intriguing and unique beauty that is difficult to find elsewhere.

The Ever After collection by MARS is inspired by romance and commitment. Classic styles are accentuated by an array of dazzling diamond details and exquisite metalwork. One piece has an enchanting interwoven precious metal band imbued with plenty of diamonds, plus a halo surrounding the center stone for even more radiance. Luxe rings are designed for those who love luxury and spectacular design, eschewing understated minimalism for layers upon layers of brilliant diamonds. A particularly magnificent ring has a large halo set between two strips of mesmerizing pavé set accent stones. It would be nearly impossible to fit more gems on this regal ring.

Shop Emerald Cut Rings at Kirk Jewelers

We at Kirk Jewelers have been helping Miami’s couples for many years find engagement rings. Our mission has long been to uphold Magic City’s reputation for style and romance through our fine selection and customer service. In addition to emerald cut rings, we host an incredible variety of innovative and chic jewelry designers. For a uniquely personal and intimate shopping experience, you can reserve an appointment with a member of our staff to have a private viewing. We only work with the best and brightest in the community, so you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience. Call us at (305) 371-1321 to speak with one of our staff to learn more about the services and collections we offer.