Once you exchange the rings during the wedding ceremony, you will be wearing this sentimental item for the length of your marriage. Men should not feel left out of the fun when picking their wedding band, as designers make several different finishes that will look fashion-forward and suit your lifestyle and personal aesthetic. Our team at Kirk Jewelers has put together a guide to some of the most popular wedding band finishes that you can choose from in our Downtown Miami showroom.


Also referred to as the “mirror finish,” a polished finish wedding band is the most traditional and popular finish. This type of ring reflects the light to create a shining display of the love and loyalty that you hold for your significant other. A polished finish will more easily reveal any scratches and dings that may happen to the band throughout your life, so regular maintenance will be necessary to maintain its appearance.


Wedding bands with a satin finish have a softer sheen and are the second most popular choice for men to make when it comes to wedding bands. Sophisticated and smooth, these rings are less reflective than the polished alternative but still have a wonderful luster. A satin finish wedding band will require routine care to retain its beauty as well.


With a muted, velvety look, a matte finish wedding band is a straightforward yet still fashionable style that will make a great choice for the sentimental ring you pick to display your love for your significant other. Although this finish does not require as much care as the previous finishes, a jeweler can help keep the matte finish looking fabulous for years to come.


Brushed finish wedding bands are textured with small brushes unique to specific brands. These rings are special to each brand as they have their own signature methods of producing the effect. A brushed finish band requires less maintenance as scratches will blend into the texture that has already been created.


A hammered finish is made by tapping the surface of the ring with a hammer to craft the gentle dimpling effect. Generally, a satin layer is then applied over the top of the hammered finish to complete the non-reflective look. These rings have a rugged appearance that many men may enjoy. The hammered finish looks incredible with the variety of accent features that bring these designs alive.


The most textured of all the wedding band finishes, the sandblasted finish has a coarse feel that needs the least amount of maintenance. Dynamic and unique, these rings will not display flaws or scratches that may occur. Available in a variety of colors and materials, a sandblasted finish is the all-terrain-ready ring that will be loved by those with a rugged aesthetic.


Explore our beautiful selection of wedding band finishes in our Kirk Jewelers showroom. Hopefully, our guide will assist you in finding your ideal wedding band. Our team of professionals will be able to assist you with any of your questions as you make your purchase. Visit our Brickell City Centre jewelry store in Downtown Miami for exceptional service and your next piece of luxury.

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