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Characteristics of Three Stone Rings

There’s nothing more spectacularly sentimental than a three stone ring. With three center stones, these pieces tell a story of romance: the three gems represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. Romantic and bold, one of these engagement rings is a sure way to show someone you love them. Bridal jewelry designers create a plethora of magnificent and regal pieces in a diverse range of styles. There’s no end to the creativity that these pieces display. From pleasant modern edges to stunning floral arrangements, it’s easy to find your dream three stone engagement ring.

Popular Collections of Three Stone Rings

We’re proud to offer the Kirk Bridal collection that showcases the aesthetic sensibilities we have accumulated after decades of providing jewelry to the iconic city of Miami. Our three stone rings exhibit a vintage-inspired design with bezel side stone settings. Designer MARS makes some of the finest bridal jewelry on the market. All of their collections exhibit exquisite elegance, fashion-forward beauty, and tasteful timelessness. The Ever After collection’s signature aesthetic is one of slender spectacle. Thin silhouettes bear plenty of brilliant diamonds and its three stone rings are no exception. For those who love the radiance and symbolism of a three stone setting but want something more understated, this piece is ideal.

The Grand Estates collection by MARS is an excellent match for the three stone setting. All pieces in this collection are made to make a statement and few rings are bolder than a three stone. Baguette and emerald cut diamonds flank the center stone, yielding a uniquely luxurious look. Some rings in the collection feature halos that combine this brilliant detail with three center stones for a peerless radiance. Golden Blossoms is a collection that balances floral inspiration with glamorous luxury. Flower petals and ivy-like bands are made eternal with gold and platinum, not to mention gemstones. Modern Muses offers a modern yet minimalist take, featuring refinement and precise edges.

Shop Three Stone Rings at Kirk Jewelers

Our team at Kirk Jewelers is waiting at our Miami jewelry store to guide you through our trove of treasures. With an incredible selection of bridal and fashion jewelry chosen to cater to the Magic City’s discerning tastes, you will witness wonders the likes of which you have never imagined. We also offer luxury timepieces made by the most admired brands worldwide. For a more private, intimate shopping experience, reserve an appointment with our trained staff today. There’s nothing we will not do for our customers. For more information, pick up your phone and call (305) 371-1321.

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