31 Aug The Annual Watch Spa!

Treat your watch to a day at the Spa – all major brands from our Rolex Certified Watchmaker! The Basic Package includes water-testing, demagnetizing and light polishing. In addition, the Signature Package includes a thorough cleaning of all internal movement parts, lubrication and regulation. Come in for...

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/gen·u·ine/ adj. [jen-yoo-in] Origin Latin, between 1590-1600; < genuīnus innate, natural > As an expression of Kirk Jewelers’ philosophy, we chose the word GENUINE to best represent what we’re about: GENUINE embodies our unwavering business ethics and our focus in providing the highest level of client service....

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18 Aug Did You Know?

Did you know that RITANI has a Lifetime Warranty? Your ring is designed to last: RITANI offers for all engagement rings and wedding bands a Lifetime Warranty. All manufacturing defects are covered - if there is a structural defect, RITANI will repair or replace the...

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