Miansai Jewelry

The world of Miansai – now at Kirk Jewelers!

Miansai, founded in Miami, is sold around the world in 40 US states and 36 countries, including now Kirk Jewelers!

All Miansai designs are meticulously crafted from the highest quality materials. Sourcing fine Italian leathers, pure precious metals, and custom-made marine grade ropes for their pieces – and obsessing over every detail.

Miansai has over 30 skilled craftsman and artisans on staff who are fixated on quality and perfection, and genuinely love what they do. Modern in design and versatile in wear, each men’s piece represents a raw object that is built into a refined piece of designer jewelry.

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Introducing the Miansai Brand

It’s rare to discover a jewelery brand that can shake fashion traditions with such elegant, refined pieces, but Miansai is that exception. Over the past decade, Miansai has gradually expanded the boundaries of the men’s jewelry and accessory market and has promised to do the same with their relatively new women’s line. At Kirk Jewelers we are proud to host the Miansai line.

Kirk and Miansai

Kirk Jewelers has been following the Miansai story since it’s origins in 2008, and we’ve admired how this innovative fashion brand has developed into a relatively new but iconic fashion story. Their fascinating design concepts have changed the way the jewelry industry envisions men’s jewelry and accessories, and we anticipate their new women’s line to do the same.

The Miansai concept is simple on its surface but explores a revolutionary idea in jewelry design. By combining raw materials with superlative craftsmanship and subtle sensibilities, Miansai’s artisan designers create unique, elegant jewelry that can be displayed in its owner’s daily life or for special occasions.

As Miami’s premier jeweler, Kirk Jewelers is proud to have been selected as an authorized retailer for these fine art pieces. Miansai has promised to continue their storied journey by taking its consumers, and by extension, Kirk Jewelers, in bold new directions. To learn more about the distinguished Miansai jewelry that Kirk is curating, visit our store in Miami.

Miansai is Available at Kirk Jewelers

Before 2013, when Miansai first started selling their jewelry at their Soho store, Miansai was only available at a few international locations. Today, Miansai can be bought in 40 states and 36 countries. Now, Miami residents and visitors can buy the coveted Miansai brand at our E. Flagler location. Miansai jewelry will be a prestigious addition to the other high-end jewelry lines that we make available to our valued client base. Visit Kirk Jewelers today to check out your favorite Miansai piece.