Jewelry Problems that Require Repairs

Jewelry Problems that Require Repairs

Jewelry is made of strong, enduring materials like metal and gemstones. While these materials last almost forever in the grand scheme of things, jewelry can still tarnish and become dull. Oxygen may be necessary for life, but it is also corrosive and wreaks havoc on jewelry’s delicate parts, as do humidity, moisture, and sweat. Luckily, expert jewelers can solve almost any problem thrown at your favorite pieces.

Ring Resizing

If you want your jewelry to last, it’s essential for it to fit properly. If a ring is too tight, it won’t fit comfortably and can even cut off circulation. Both warrant attention from an experienced jeweler. On the flip side, if a ring is too loose it can slip off and become lost. This is why it is important to wear the correctly sized ring. Luckily, we can resize most rings. Whether it’s an engagement ring from a jeweler or a fashion ring from an estate sale, we can make sure it fits.

Re-Tipping or Replacing Prongs

Prongs are tiny spokes that hold gemstones in place. While ubiquitous today, they are a fairly recent invention from the 20th century. Their popularity owes to their ability to let the viewer see every angle of the stone. Unfortunately, they are delicate and prone to breaking. If a piece hits a hard surface like wood or tile flooring, a prong can snap. They will sometimes need to be replaced by an expert.

Replace a Stone

Whether it’s the center stone or part of the setting, gemstones can detach from the jewelry. This usually occurs due to broken prongs, but not always. If left out in the heat, precious metals can warp. If a gemstone pops out but is still in your possession, you can simply remount it. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive process. If the gemstone is lost, then things become more complicated. We have a gemologist on staff who would love to help you find a replacement.

Replacing Chain or Clasps

Chains refer not just to chain necklaces and bracelets, but also to the chains that pendants hang on. Many types of chains are thin, delicate, and intricate. As a result, they can break easily. Clasps are similarly easy to break. They usually have small pieces that give them a low profile. While useful for fashion, they are not very durable. Like chains, they break easily. We are happy to repair and replace chains and clasps on your valued possessions, extending their life and beauty.

Changing Earring Posts

Earring posts are the spokes of metal that thread through the wearer’s ear. In short, they are what allow earrings to be earrings. Without them, they are merely beautiful precious metal and gemstone displays. These rods can break under severe stress from environmental factors, physical breakage, and more. They simply must be replaced if broken. It takes some skill and expertise, but our goldsmiths know how to replace posts.

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