Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

Guide to Engagement Ring Settings

Engagement rings have two parts: the setting and the center stone. They rely upon each other to create a bold and eternal symbol for one’s love and commitment. Settings accentuate the center stone and allow the facets to shine their brightest, all while bolstering the ring’s overall brilliant aesthetic. There is a boundless variety of engagement ring settings out there that each exhibit their own unique style and characteristics. Our team at Kirk Jewelers is proud to offer many gorgeous engagement ring settings to our clientele to appeal to each of their discerning tastes. Find your favorite engagement ring setting in our Miami jewelry store.

Solitaire Rings

Solitaires are the most classic and popular setting. They are unadorned precious metal rings lacking any gemstone accents. While they may seem simplistic, in truth, this allows the center diamond’s gorgeous glamor to stand alone. By not having to compete with other gems, a fantastic diamond has nothing to distract the viewer from admiring every aspect of its beauty.

Furthermore, solitaire rings do not have to be plain. There are many methods that jewelry designers use to elevate solitaires, making them more interesting and attractive. Some serve up understated sophistication like this Kirk Bridal solitaire. While others add a contemporary flair with a bezel setting to their engagement ring, wherein precious metal surrounds the center stone, imparting the piece with a clean, modern look.

Detailed metal work is another method designers use to spice up their solitaire rings. Floral etchings, imaginative patterns, and more make these solitaires sublimely attractive. Unique textures and silhouettes create extraordinary details in the band. There are some engagement ring styles that showcase a complex and romantic band with a unique use of negative space, while others take a more minimalist approach.

Side Stone Rings

Like the silhouette of solitaires but long for something more luxurious? If so, then side stone rings are an exceptional option. These elegant pieces have diamonds that flank the center stone and line the band for a dazzling effect. There are many styles of these rings to choose from, making side stone rings a versatile and broad term. A popular method with designers is to have diamonds pave set around the band, meaning the stones are attached with small dots of metal to create a sparkling paved road effect to frame the center stone’s radiance.

Channel set diamonds are securely held between two strips of precious metal making up the ring’s band. This setting evokes a fashionable, modern aesthetic that you can be sure will safely protect your sparkling stones. Prong settings – like the one found in this Kirk Bridal prong engagement ring – hold prominent gemstones or diamonds onto the band in a way that allows for plenty of light to shine through the cradle of these precious stones. Micropave settings show off tiny stones closely clustered together and secured with precious metal for a sparkling effect that can be subtle or ornate. Some pieces take a more innovative and colorful approach, setting colorful gemstones like sapphires and emeralds into engagement rings for added meaning.

Three Stone Rings

In three stone rings, these marvelous engagement rings feature a center stone flanked by two accessory stones for significance. This style is said to represent the past, present, and future of a relationship. Romantic and spectacular, they make a truly fabulous companion for your love story. There exists a boundless quantity of three stone rings, each suitable for any taste.

Three stone rings are uniquely radiant, and capitalize on the added diamonds or gemstones to create an enchanting canvas of light and color for your particular love story. A show-stopping halo center stone, accompanied by two large accessory stones will complement this incredible design. Meanwhile, there are other three stone rings that have fantastic and a delightful abundance of precious metal details, diamonds, or a floral theme. A three stone ring can have so many variations that are possible to create the romantic ring that will begin the next chapter of your lives together.

Halo Rings

A halo engagement ring setting is classic, timeless, and radiant. By surrounding a center stone with accent diamonds, the center stone is elevated to a peerlessly brilliant and mesmerizing peak. The shape, cut, and color of the halo’s gemstones determine its aesthetic. Baguette accessory stones evoke a stellar look. Meanwhile, round cut stones have a timeless and stunning effect.

Do you enjoy an abundance of gorgeous, sparkling diamonds? Then a phenomenal multi-banded and ornate diamond ring may be the exact design that will satisfy your desires. A large center stone encased by bright diamonds along the band will have a glamorous and gorgeous effect. For a more balanced look, try a more minimalist, contemporary band that allows then lets a gorgeous halo shine and steal the spotlight.

While most halos are set around the center stone, the hidden halo is a fresh and exhilarating innovation. Pieces like this Kirk Bridal hidden halo engagement ring rest the center stone above the halo, creating a luxurious platform of diamonds that can only be seen from the side profile. The placement ensures that this often-overlooked angle is enlivened and enchanting.

Gemstone Rings

Growing in popularity, some engagement rings incorporate colorful gemstones into the setting. Jewels like elegant blue sapphires and regal yellow diamonds impart an attractive, delightful intrigue to a piece. These gemstones are often paired with colorless diamonds to evoke a distinct and glamorous vibrance. Celebrate the unique and gorgeous characteristics of colorful gemstones alongside effortlessly beautiful diamonds to create marvelous details in their contrasting hues.

Our Kirk Couture engagement ring exhibits a highly fashionable yellow diamond as the center stone, ensuring a spectacularly royal shine. Meanwhile, some designers incorporate sophisticated sapphires into the halo. The blue and colorless pairing is truly dazzling and unforgettable. Incorporating gemstones into your engagement ring design can be a personal way to make their piece one of a kind, just like your love.

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Kirk Jewelers is Miami’s home for the finest luxury accessories. All of our engagement rings and wedding bands are beautiful and glamorous, exhibiting a wide range of settings, center stones, and more. Every piece in our selection of incredible designer brands is sure to satisfy your desires.

For a personalized meeting, we recommend that you reserve an appointment with our professional team. They will work with you, your budget, and your tastes to find a ring to last a lifetime. Give our Brickell City Centre showroom in Downtown Miami a call at (305) 371-1321, or email us at to learn more.

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